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Who is Nikolai?


I am 25 years old and currently living in Oslo, Norway. My passion is communication through film & photography. I literally love nature and I spend most of my spare time exploring and capturing these majestic landscapes we have in Norway.


When I got my first camera, I was young and dumb. After two weeks, I decided to put it in the microwave to film while it was spinning around inside. After a few seconds, it exploded. Besides loving nature, I also love chocolate milk.

  • Instagram - Black Circle

What is Norgefoto?


Norgefoto is about exposing Norwegian nature and landscapes and hopefully inspiring people, through film and photography. It was founded in 2016. My passion for Norwegian nature increased quickly. This had to be shared with the world somehow, and that’s when the Instagram account @norgefoto was created. I share my personal work there, but also others. If you want your photos featured through @norgefoto, use the hashtag #norgefoto for a possibility.